Movies & television

Where the crows turn around

Motion Picture Pilot, 2018

Director: Lisa Jespersen, Hyæne Film

Fun with math (Mr. Skæg) (afs. 1 - 16)

TV-series, Danish Broadcast DR, 2014

Director: Palle Nørmark, GreatHouse

Home sweet home

Shortfilm, 2013

Director: Lars Mogensen

Wine of Ages

Shortfilm, 2008

Director: Klara Veegh

European Film College

A life depleted

Shortfilm, 2008

Director: Søren Peter Langkjær Boisen

European Film College


Shortfilm, 2008

Director: Jeppe Petersen

European Film College

Understanding women

Shortfilm, 2006

Director: Mathias Hovgaard

Locomotion Films

The Gregersen Family

Motion Picture, 2004

Director: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup

Regner Grasten Film

Made in Denmark

Motion Picture, 2001

Director: Safai Kaywan

Kaywan Production

The odd ones (Stand-in for Martin Brygmann)

TV-series, 2000

Director: Peter Bay

Danish TV2 Zulu

Events & Commercials

in selection

Telenor Business

Commercial, 2 onlinespot 2021

Director: Kristian Foldager

Bread&Butter productions

Novo Nordisk Engineering 30 years jubilee

Jubilee, 4 shortfilm 2021

Director: Søren Ottosen

b2b film

Online Security

Infomercial, 4 onlinespots 2021

Director: Casper Steffensen

Bifrost Production


Commercial 2018

Director: Stevan Treshow

Pegasus Production


Commercial, onlinespot 2018

Director: Morten Schultz

ISO Film

RC Beton

Commercial, onlinespot 2017

Director: Jesper Koch

1-2 studio


Commercial, 5 onlinespot 2016

Director: Morten Schultz

ISO Film

Danish Central Heeting Company

Opening annual meeting, 4 shorts 2015

Director: Niki Vraast-Thomsen


Santander Consumer Bank

Commercial 2015

Director: Stevan Treshow

Motion Blur Production

Dansk Tandforsikring

Commercial 2015

Director: Stevan Treshow

Entrance Film

NNE Pharmaplan

Shorts, fiction, 6 spot (free-seating) 2014

Director: Niki Vraast-Thomsen


GF Forsikring

Commercial 2014

Director: Stevan Treshow

Treshow Productions

Tivoli Copenhagen

Commercial for Aquila 2013

Director: Palle Nørmark


Theatre & plays

NOT A WORD - about free speech

The Coming Theatre/Thy Theatre, 2017

HC Andersen is alive!

BaggårdTeatret/Rokoko Studios, 2016

The Copyroom

The Coming Theatre, 2015

Holy shit

The Coming Theatre, 2014

My digital reality

The Coming Theatre, 2013

Speak out

The Coming Theatre, 2012

Inside outside

The Coming Theatre, 2012

My name is Ben!

Theatre NEO, 2011

The meeting

The Coming Theatre, 2011

Christmas at the castle

The Opera of Jutland, 2010/11/12

His own verdict

The Coming Theatre, 2010

ARE - another way of being

The Coming Theatre, 2010

Presence & precious

The Coming Theatre, 2009


The Coming Theatre, 2008

East, West, Chistmas is best!

Himmerlands Theatre, 2007

Time of Miracles

Theatre NEO, 2007

Trust Alice

Theatre Katapult, 2006

Nøddebo Rectory

Middle Jutland Theatre, 2005

WE - a bend of us

The Coming Theatre, 2005

Time and between

The Coming Theatre, 2005

Gullivers Travels

Aarhus Theater, 2005

The King of Danmark

Teatro Dos Mil, 2003

Pelle The Conqueror

Teatro Dos Mil, 2003

The Lionheart Brothers 

Teatro Dos Mil, 2001


Teatro Dos Mil, 2000

Living Together

Teat R, 1999